Abdominal Cramps and Pain during Pregnancy

One of the most soothing moments of any women’s life is when she becomes pregnant; advent of a new baby in her life fills sense of gladness in a woman who is pregnant. Although it brings sense of gladness and joy, it brings some physical challenges as well which could be very onerous for women with pregnancy. When a woman gets pregnant she has to go through myriad of physical changes in her body that are usually onerous and could be perturbing as well. Despite of knowing all the conditions that she is going to face during pregnancy she thinks that all these difficulties cannot outweigh the joy and gladness of being a mother. Today we are going to discus about cramping which is normal when a woman is pregnant. Although abdominal cramps are not considered as first sign of pregnancy but most of the women feel cramps at early stage of their pregnancy. abdominal cramps for pregnancyCramps is a contraction of muscles and this contraction is caused by the physical changes are being made into a woman’s abdomen. When a woman gets pregnant her body has to make some changes to give space for her new offspring to take shelter and your body is adroit enough to do so and make such changes so that a new offspring. Usually when a woman gets pregnant the fertilized egg needs space to live in and the uterine wall becomes home for the fertilized egg. When these changes are made a pregnant woman’s muscles are being contracted and starts tightening and this point could be considered the origin of pregnancy cramps. The pregnancy duration is being divided into three trimesters and those trimesters are first, second and third trimesters and the whole pregnancy duration of a human being is of nearly 40 weeks. The first trimester is a time period when the fertilized egg makes it home to uterine wall. In this period and so in second trimester your uterine wall may grow rapidly that may cause more severe condition of cramping in your abdomen. But if the growth of your uterine wall is normal then it is less likely that you are going to feel pregnancy cramps in the second trimester. In the third trimester the famous Braxton hicks contraction comes into existence. Braxton hicks contraction is a contraction that comes into existence before the labor pain that usually occurs at the end of second trimester and at the beginning of third trimester. There could be other reasons of pregnancy cramps in your abdomen as well that are enumerated below:

Reasons for Abdominal Cramps and Pain during Pregnancy

Sex during Pregnancy

Some couple likes to have sex during the pregnancy period. Sex during pregnancy could be amiable for some women but for the others it could be full of anguish but you should not be worry about as the pregnancy cramps caused by sex is temporary and you should not be worried about it.

Change in Position

change in position during pregnancyIf you are in a comfortable position and if you change to other position then you may feel pain, this is because your uterine wall is getting stretched during the movement and generating contraction. This condition is not worth worrying as the pregnancy cramps are normal process in this condition.

Gastrointestinal Problem

gastrointestinal problem for pregnancyGastrointestinal problem could also be the cause of pregnancy cramps in your abdomen. There are numerous gastrointestinal issue that can affect you therefore you should have an eagle eye on what you are eating and what should not being consumed by yourself.
The above symptoms are those symptoms that are normal and usually not worth worrying but now we are going to discuss about those pregnancy cramps that if occur are worth mentioning with your doctor or midwife and these symptoms should not be ignored or else it could be deleterious for you and even for your baby as well. Those symptoms are enumerated below:

Ectopic Pregnancy

ectopic pregnancyIt is a serious medical condition where the embryo implants itself outside the uterine wall. It s really a serious medical condition and should be treated by your doctor or else it can have fatal results and may cause onerous anguish for your body. If you are feeling acute and intolerable pregnancy cramps then you should consult it with your doctor.

Urinary Tract Infection

It is a condition where your urinary tract gets infected. If you are feeling lower abdominal pain and pain during relinquishing the urine then it is worth mentioning with your GP.

Persistent Cramping

If you have persistent cramping then you should not ignore this cramping by assuming it is normal. If you have at least six cramps in an hour then it could be the sign of other serious issue in your body and you should mention it with your physician.

Pain is Not Improving

If your pain is not improving and is causing onerous symptoms then you should see your physician as soon as you can and have a thorough checkup of your abdomen.

Placental Abruption

Placental Abruption for pregnancyIt is a very serious medical condition that could be life threatening as well. It is a condition where the placenta gets separated from the uterus before the baby is born. If your placenta gets separated from uterus before the birth of a baby then it can have very onerous symptoms and the pain may not go away until the problem is fixed. In this condition you should immediately consult it with your doctor or else it could have detrimental results.
Above are some of the symptoms that should not be ignored and are worth mentioning with your doctor or midwife and later she may transfer you to the nearest hospital so that you could be treated as accordance. Some additional symptoms that should be consulted with your doctor are:
If you have vaginal cramping or bleeding from vulva then you should be worried and have thorough checkups. Dizziness and cramping in your shoulders, neck or upper part of your back then you should also see your doctor and have thorough checkups. Lower back pain with severe contractions and pain are also worth mentioning with your doctors.

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