Depression in Adults is increasing rapidly

You might have been feeling very low, loss of concentration, isolation, feeling of grief and many of these like
symptoms every now and then then you should be aware of the fact that you might be at depression state of mind. 5-main-causes-of-the-great-depressionDepression is a serious and major health problem across the world. People at any stage of their life can be the prey of depression. It affects your decision taking ability, the way you feel about the world and how you act around the people that matters to you. You could be rude to the one you love most just because of this depression. Depression causes a feeling of sadness, grief, loss of interest in things that you enjoyed in your earlier days and sometimes you start thinking about taking your life. You may have feeling like now you can’t handle this situation or a pair of situations that are bothering you and you may think of taking your life, ending all the problem at one shot. Depression affects one out of every fifteen adults in any given year and it’s also been estimated that one in every six person gets affected with depression. It’s been usually seen that women are at greater risk of getting depression than that of men. Some studies have shown that one in every three women gets affected with it at least once in their lifetime. Symptoms of depression may vary depending on severity of your condition. Some of the major symptoms of depression are:

Feeling of failure:

Atychiphobia can be the reason of your depression. You might have given some exam or interview and now you have a fear of failure just because your exam or interview haven’t gone as planned may put you in depression.symtoms-of-depression

Medical condition:

The medical condition is one of the most common reasons of depression. There are many disorders that affect patient psychologically. These diseases are cancer, HIV, strokes, heart attack, diabetes and much more. These conditions are considered as life threatening.


It may also be the reason of being in the depression. A low self-esteemed person, sensitive to criticism or negative personality is most likely to get depression. These type of person are at higher risk of getting depression.

End of relationship: 

End of relationship is also a common cause of depression. If you are in a deep relationship and has the emotional attachment with your loved one then it is very hard to digest breakdown of the relationship. This may put you in depression as well.

depression-and-suicideDepression is one of the most treatable mental disorders. Almost all patient responds well to depression treatment but if the severity of condition has got worse then psychiatrist may also find it difficult to cure. There are almost 10 to 15 % cases that are incurable and it often doesn’t end well as some of them commit suicide, some of them die because of intense depression.


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