How is Punarnavarishta useful in kidney and urinary tract problems?


kidney problemDid you know there are Ayurvedic remedies which can cure your kidney and urinary tract problems 100 percent? No, there are many remedies which can cure these types of conditions with so much ease. This article helps you to gain knowledge about Ayurvedic treatment and the benefits of using Ayurvedic remedies in these types of diseases. These are the conditions from which many people are suffering and for that, they are using medicines. I think medication is the reason that people are not getting rid of this condition. Why is this so? That you will see by the end of this article.

Before that, I want to tell you that by an Ayurvedic medicine you can cure kidney and urinary tract problems easily and the name of the medicine is Punarnavarishta. Punarnavarishta for kidney and urinary tract problem is the perfect remedy. Though this article, you will learn How Punarnavarishta is useful in kidney and urinary tract problems? 

Urinary tract infectionKidney and urinary tract disorders can involve one or both kidneys. Some urinary tract disorders rarely cause symptoms until the problems are very advanced and these include kidney failure, tumors, stones (which do not block urine flow) and certain types of infections. According to studies sometimes symptoms occur but very general and are not always obviously related to the kidneys.

For example, general feeling of illness, loss of appetite and nausea may be the only symptoms of advanced kidney failure. These are the conditions which can cause the big mess in your health if you choose wrong medicines to cure these diseases. Now you must be thinking that you are using medicine and there is nothing better than this, you are wrong.

Patanjali Punarnavarishta-Medicine is the treatment which can make your condition from bad to worse. Medicines do not have potential to cure any disease from its route. Thinking, what other you can use to cure this condition? You can go for Punarnavarishta for kidney and urinary tract problems. No, this is not a magical thing which can cure these conditions in just one moment.

This is an Ayurvedic medicine which can cure this condition but, it takes the time to heal because this works by curing the condition from its route. So let’s see how Punarnavarishta for kidney and urinary tract problems works? Punarnavarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine which is used to cure liver disorders, jaundice, anemia, gout, heart diseases, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, oedema, kidney failure and gastrointestinal diseases.

Punarnavarishta is native to India and this medicine has several health benefits. This medicine has been used for thousands of years to cure many health issues. Punarnavarishta is a very potent diuretic herb which helps to get rid of excess body fluids and at the same time, it also prevents the formation of urinary stones.

PunarnawaristPunarnavarishta is helpful for those people, who are suffering from chronic renal failure with high uterine creatinine levels and high urinary albumin. There are many studies which show that the patients using Punarnavarishta for one month, they have an increased amount of serum protein thus having a great improvement in kidney functions.

In India, there are many people who are using Punarnavarishta for kidney and urinary tract problems. This is the perfect detoxifier agent and an immune booster which can cure and prevent cardiovascular diseases. It also helps in blood circulation and edema. Punarnavarishta for kidney and urinary tract problems is the perfect remedy because it has all the medicinal properties which are very important to cure this condition.

Punarnavarishta has anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, mild anti-hypertensive, carminative, haematinic, lowers bilirubin, anti-gout, mils-analgesic, lithotriptic and diuretic properties. These are some properties of this medicine which make more effective for kidney and urinary tract problems.

Apart from kidney and urinary problems this can cure lots of other health complications and those are:-

  • Congestive heart failure kidney pain
  • Edema of cardiac origin
  • Anemia
  • Hepatitis
  • Jaundice
  • Loss of appetite due to liver diseases
  • Nonalcoholic fatty disorders
  • Fatty liver
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Alcoholic liver diseases

So now, tell me what do you think about Punarnavarishta for kidney and urinary tract problems? Don’t you think this is the most effective remedy which can cure not only this but also many other health conditions with so much ease? To consume this you just have to take 15-30 ml of Punarnavarishta syrup with an equal quantity of water twice a day after meal.

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