Stress and Younger Women Health

Stress is a type of condition where your mental condition gets affected in a negative way and it makes you feel worry due to some problems in your life, relationship and work. In this condition you will feel very anxiety. Stress    stress-management symptoms can affect your health and you may not realize it. Everyone feels stressed every now and then at any stage of life. There are so many reasons that can lead you to stressful life. Stress can be lifesaving if its severity is mild but a long term and higher severity stress can harm your health and can affect you psychologically. There are so many reasons that cause stress. Reason could be anything like daily responsibilities, pressure of work, sudden negative change in your life, difficulties in relationship, financial problems etc. Apart of that there are many reasons that cause stress in your life. When it comes to symptoms of stress, there is a wide area for this as well. Some of the symptoms may include headache and pain in upper part of your body, increase in blood pressure, increase in heart rate, indifferent to sex or apathy to sex, you usually increase consumption of alcohol and smoke continuously, you may sleep too much, getting away of yourself from responsibilities.

stress-reductionWhen it comes to stress in women, they are more sensitive to stress than that of men. The emotional and physical response to stress of women have higher toll than that of a man. When reacting to stressors, different kinds of hormones is being produced by your body that impacts your immune system and digestive symptoms and these hormones work differently in men and women.

Some of the symptoms that affect women are:


Insomnia is a condition where you find it hard to sleep in the night thinking of what you have done today, any problem faced by you throughout the day and so many thinking in your mind.level-of-stress

Weight gain:

Weight gain can also be the reason of stress. Most of the women think of being in well-shaped and they do not want themselves to be commented negatively on their looks. A fat woman is at higher risk of gettindeal-with-stressg stressed as they do not want defame themselves just because of their looks and even they restrain themselves in a room so that no outsiders could see them.

Effect on fertility:

Some recent study have shown that a higher severity of stress may affect women’s fertility as well. They may find it very hard to get pregnant if they are having stress in their life.

Irregular periods:

Stress can affect your periods as well. A chronic stressful life may lead to missed or irregular periods because stress affects your hormones and the reason of that you can have problems with your periods.


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