Tips and Treatment for Cold, Flu and Allergies

cold-flu-and-allergiesCold, flu, and allergy cause almost same symptoms but there are some symptoms that distinct these disorders apart. It is very important to distinct these maladies apart as it can be very helpful to choose the best treatment for cold & flu. It’s like choosingwhat you required. Let’s say there are different kinds of clothes available in your wardrobe like ethnic wear, official wear and casual wear and if you have to go in a marriage party then you must have to choose ethnic wear rather than of choosing official or casual wear as it will suite the situation. In a similar way before going to treatment you must have to know first that which type of disease is this, to whom you are going to fight against. Whether it is cold, flu or allergy, all these are going to affect your respiratory system which will make your lungs hard to breathe.  The differentiation of these disorders has been a tough task for people to understand. It’s a tough call to identify these disorders but these disorders give you hints as well to be identified by you.

home-remedy-for-allergyYou get cold when a cold virus enters your body. Cold symptoms generally start with a sore throat and later on it starts spreading symptoms that may include nasal symptoms, runny nose, and congestion. Cold symptoms generally last for about a week or two depends on the severity of your condition. You can catch a cold if someone sneezes around you or you shake hands with contaminated person or someone coughs around you. You should not use aspirin in cold, decongestant sprays can be used to free up your nose, consume cough syrup.

When it comes to flu it is highly contagious, it is a type of respiratory disease that is generally cahome-remedies-for-fluused by the virus. Flu symptoms are generally more severe than cold. Flu symptoms may include fever, sore throat, congestion and headache. As you know the flu is highly contagious so this virus can be spreader if you shake hands with contaminated person, someone sneezes around you. Generally, flu is not life threatening but it can give you so many unpleasant nights. This flu virus generally attacks those people who have lower immune system. When it comes to treatment of flu you should stay at home, drink as much liquid as you can, avoid touching others, keep warm yourself, alcohol and smoking should not be there.

Allergy is, on the other hand, is not a viral infection. It is a condition where our immune system reacts abnormally to outsider substances. In this condition when an allergic person comes in contact with a foreign substance then the symptoms of allergy arises. Symptoms can imagesbe of many types like pollens allergy, dust allergy, foods allergy. When a foreign substance confronts with the immune system then your immune system identifies as the threat and produces an inappropriate response. Symptoms of the allergy include sneezing, runny or blocked nose, itchy or red eyes, swollen lips and tongue. Treatment of allergy depends on what are you allergic to. Like in food allergy you should be aware of what are you eating, in animal allergy make sure that no pet should be present at your home.


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