Zika Virus May Cause Birth Defect

zika-fact-cardHave you ever heard about the consequences that might cause by the Zika Virus? Do you even know what the Zika virus really is? Yes, you might hear of this virus when it emerged as an epidemic in Brazil (A largest country in
America) at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. You might also hear about the consequences of Zika virus or you might not. Zika Virus has numbers of health consequences and it can also lead to fatal illnesses. However, one of the major consequences that can evolve by the pregnant women is birth defect in infants. This virus not only leads to birth defect in infants but it is related to other severe issues such as dengue, yellow fever, and Japanese encephalitis.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which can be abbreviated as CDC has officially quoted that Zika virus can cause the birth defect in children such as abnormal head, small head and brain abnormalities. There are many substantial evidences exist find that support Zika virus can cause Microcephaly (A Congenital condition of abnormal brain). At the time when Zika virus come into existence as an epidemic in Brazil, we have seen many cases where the children get abnormal and small head.

zika-virus-transmissionSince The Zika Virus is strongly associated with fatal abnormalities, it is extremely recommended to be aware of the indications caused by the Zika virus. However, you should also know the fact that Zika virus generally doesn’t lead to the evolvement of any indications but when symptoms present generally remain very benign. Mild fever, red eyes, rashes and joint pain. These symptoms could be also associated with the other health illnesses so it is better to go for its diagnosis to detect whether you have Zika virus in your body or not. If you are a pregnant woman and if you do experiencing above mentioned indications then it is immensely necessary for you to go for the test that diagnosis Zika Virus.

prevention-from-zika-virusThe Zika Virus is still spreading throughout the world at the alarming rate so it very important for the civilian to understand the potential threat that might be caused by this virus. You can easily eliminate the potential threat of Zika virus just by taking some precautions. Always remember the Zika virus is mosquito-borne so you need to apply repellent on your skin when you are going outside. Wearing full sleeve clothes can also be a solution.

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